watercress & pea soup

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watercress & pea soup

Here’s one of my favourite scrummy super healthy quick lunch ideas to kick start your week!

Whole bag of watercress
1 small onion
Small bowl/handful of peas
1 small potato (optional)


– Gently fry 1 roughly chopped onion in a little oil
– Add 1 small roughly chopped potato (optional) and just cover with water & simmer for 5 mins (until potato in just cooked)
– Add peas & a whole bag of watercress & simmer for 2 minutes
– Whiz/blend/whirl with your device
– Taste & add seasoning if needed (salt, pepper or a stock cube)
– That’s it!

Serves 2 

This soup is packed full of protein and nutrients and is deliciously creamy! You could even add a little feta cheese crumbled like I have this time for some extra yums!

Did you know:

Watercress is packed full of nutrients especially Vitamin K which helps make healthy bones and is high in antioxidants!

Pea’s are an awesome source of protein,especially if you’re vegetarian, vegan or trying to reduce your meat consumption & they are high in fibre – win win!